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Plano High School
Class Of 1970

Welcome Plano High Class Of 1970



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Our class owns the domain and creates the content of this site.  This website keeps every member's profile private and secure.  Only fellow classmates can see profiles and other protected pages, and all contact information is visible to other classmates only if a member chooses to make it so.

If you have questions regarding the privacy or security of this site, please send an email through "Contact Us" on the left menu.


It's time for another round of thanks!

At the 50th Plus One Reunion, renewing this class website into 2030 was discussed.  Vance Maultsby very generously offered to pay for this to happen.  While I was setting up the Donation page, we had an anonymous donor make a nice donation ... so thank you to that person ... and then Vance covered the bulk of the cost of the extension that pays our account into November 2031.  I think I speak for our entire class when I thank Vance, Randy Cothes, Debbie Morrow-Hays, Jimmy Ingram, and our anonymous donor for making the website possible for our class over the years.

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Thank you Randy Cothes for renewing our site for it's second five year period and Debbie Morrow-Hays for extending that five year renewal an additional five years!  And, thank you, again, to everyone who offered to contribute to the cost of this renewal!

Our account is now paid until November 2025!

Again, thank you Jimmy Ingram for paying for our first five years in 2010.

We have "Classmate Forums" in the restricted section of this site.  You can post to current topics or add new topics in the Classmate Forums.  Take advantage of it and keep in touch!