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Plano High School
Class Of 1970

Welcome Plano High Class Of 1970


Dear Class of 1970,

It is beginning to look like we will have to again reschedule our 50th Reunion that is now scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 25, 2020. This is, of course, due to the current pandemic and the uncertainty of having a venue, uncertainty of making travel plans, and concern about everyone’s safety. While things may very well change before September, we may not know until the last minute and that is not fair to anyone. We want as many people as possible to be able to attend so we need to be fairly sure that things can go ahead as planned.

A poll has been added to the “Plano Texas Class of 1970” Facebook page asking for your input on a new date – in 2021 – “Plan C.” If you aren’t on the Facebook group, we invite you to join it, but you don’t have to be on it to give us your feedback. Basically, do you believe you could come if we rescheduled for April or May 2021, June or July 2021, September or October 2021, or you don’t believe you can come any time in 2021. We would love to have the best turnout possible, so please let us know what would work for you.

No matter what, we WILL have our 50th Reunion! Just think of all the things we will have to talk about when we do get together in a safe situation – in addition to what everyone has been doing the last 50 years, we now have a life-changing event to discuss! Everyone will surely have an opinion about that.

Thanks to everyone who is has helped with trying to find those in our class whom we have been unable to locate. We do still need everyone’s help in finding we still don’t have any contact information for. Please encourage your friends from our class that are still missing to join the “Plano Texas Class of 1970” Facebook page and the class website The Facebook page seems easier for most people to use to communicate but the website will be used for Reunion registrations (and it has photos from the past).

Everyone stay safe and we hope to hear from you!

~~~ The Reunion Committee

In the meantime, your help is needed. We need to get our former classmates who attended Plano, Texas schools and would have graduated with the Class of 1970 (even if they didn't make it across the stage with us). If you know someone who qualifies, please encourage them to join our Facebook group ... Plano Texas Class of 1970 ... and to join this website (by clicking on the "Classmate Profiles" link in the yellow column on the left of this screen).

To register and access the restricted areas, click on "Classmate Profiles," find your name and click on it.  Then, click on "Join Here."  Please provide enough information in your profile when you register to be identified or send a separate email identifying yourself so your account can be activated.  If you are not on the list of names, please send an email through "Contact Us" on the left menu.  We want to find you!



Our class owns the domain and creates the content of this site.  This website keeps every member's profile private and secure.  Only fellow classmates can see profiles and other protected pages, and all contact information is visible to other classmates only if a member chooses to make it so.

If you have questions regarding the privacy or security of this site, please send an email through "Contact Us" on the left menu.


We have "Classmate Chatter" in the restricted section of this site.  You can post to current topics or add new topics in the Classmate Forums.  Take advantage of it and keep in touch!

Thank you Randy Cothes for renewing our site for it's second five year period and Debbie Morrow-Hays for extending that five year renewal an additional five years!  And, thank you, again, to everyone who offered to contribute to the cost of this renewal!

Our account is now paid until November 2025!

Again, thank you Jimmy Ingram for paying for our first five years in 2010.